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Renting a Timeshare as a Family

In today’s age, there are so many options when it comes to traveling and the number of decisions you have to make can be overwhelming. Hotels are expensive, but Airbnb’s can be misleading and leave you with unexpected fees. That’s where timeshare rentals come in. You can get most of the amenities of a hotel and the extra space of an Airbnb. In this blog post we’ll cover what it means to rent a timeshare, the benefits of renting, how to rent the timeshare. 

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View of the Central at 5th Timeshare property in New York City

What Does It Mean To Rent A Timeshare? 

Renting a timeshare means you’re borrowing time from a timeshare owner or you’re booking unused rooms directly from the company. As long as there’s availability there’s no limits on the number of nights or blackout dates. This also means you don’t have to attend a dreaded timeshare sales presentation. There’s always a chance the company will try to get you to attend one, but there is no obligation. 

Why Book a Timeshare Rental?

Renting a timeshare makes the most sense for a bigger family. Timeshares come with amenities such as a full kitchen, wash and dryer, and extra space. Timeshare resorts tend to mimic hotels (especially since most timeshare companies are owned by hotel chains) so you’ll usually have access to a pool or gym. . 

 I’m not sure about you, but being cramped in a tiny hotel room with my whole family is the exact opposite of fun and relaxing. In my family, we all appreciate having our own space to decompress from a long day. Depending on the type of room you book, you can usually get up to 3 bedrooms. Some rooms even come with sofa beds to make room for more people. 

Renting a timeshare can also be beneficial if someone in your family has special dietary needs and finding places to eat is a challenge. You get a full kitchen with utensils and cookware, so you’re able to go grocery shopping and cook in your room. This also saves you a TON of money since eating out at restaurants has gotten so expensive. I find the kitchens to be most helpful for breakfast and lunch so that way I can do something simple for those meals and then have more spending money at dinner. 

Photo of a timeshare resort in Tuscany Italy

How Do I Rent a Timeshare? 

The easiest way to rent a timeshare is to search for them on the major hotel websites. Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham all have a portfolio of timeshare resorts just to name a few. The timeshare resorts will usually be marketed as some sort of “vacation club”. When you go directly to the hotel company, it’s the same process as booking a normal hotel room. 

You can also rent timeshares directly from owners using a platform like RedWeek. RedWeek does require an annual fee, but I do think it’s the easiest platform out there for renting timeshares. Some owners will even list their timeshares on AirBnb or VRBO

Picture of a hotel seating area

Is Renting a Timeshare Right For Your Family?

Just like with most things in life, it depends! You have to evaluate if you are going to be saving money and if the extra costs are going to be worth it for you. Many families can have a good time being in a regular hotel or AirBnb. Personally, I don’t like the inconsistency of booking Airbnb’s and I enjoy knowing I’m going to be in a safe location that’s close to main attractions.

Thinking about attending a timeshare presentation to save money on travel? Click the link below to discover my tips on leaving the presentation without purchasing below.

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