Ultimate Guide for Traveling to New York City with Kids

Are you thinking about traveling to New York City with your children? It can be overwhelming to think about all the logistics. I was able to travel to New York City with my child and I learned a few lessons along the way. We traveled during Christmas time, and it was amazing to share this experience with him. I am going to share some tips with you that are specific to New York City but can be applied when traveling anywhere. 

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Radio City Music Hall at night in New York City

Consider The Timing of Your Visit: 

Like I mentioned in the introduction, we visited during Christmas time. This decision was intentional because I knew I would have more options for activities that my child would enjoy. There’s so much going on in New York City, so you’re never going to have a shortage of activities. 

You just need to think about what your goals are when it comes to traveling. If you want to visit historical sites like the Statue of Liberty, then it truly doesn’t matter when you visit because those sites are available year-round. I would suggest trying to travel at off-peak times if possible just because it won’t be as crowded. 

Invest In Good Gear

Whether it’s a backpack or a stroller, you need good gear. I bought the GB Pockit Stroller while it was on sale and I take it everywhere I travel. It literally saved me on this trip because of its portability. It’s compact and lightweight, so when we couldn’t use it in certain areas, I could fold it up and squeeze it into my backpack. The key is to invest in high-quality gear that will be useful to you. 

Regardless, if you’re traveling in New York City with a child, I would suggest a stroller of any kind (especially if walking is going to be your main mode of transportation). New York City is fast paced and the sidewalks can be quite crowded (Although I will say that they weren’t as crowded as I was expecting). If your child is still a baby and able to be worn- DO IT. 

Plan Ahead!

I feel like this applies to traveling with kids in general, but hauling your kids around the city requires a lot of planning. I would suggest grouping your activities by location and planning accordingly so your kids won’t have to walk too far. If it is in your budget, I would suggest looking into the Big Bus Tour because it’s a hop-on-hop-off bus that can be a convenient option if you’re limited on transportation options. 

I would highly suggest allowing time in your itinerary to plan activities specifically for kids. To allow them to run around and be crazy kids. This will allow them to get their wiggles out and they’ll likely be more well behaved for all the activities geared towards parents. 

Another way I plan is by using the Steller App. It’s a video based app that allows you to see where things are located on a map. You can build your own itinerary and also book excursions directly from the app. I have found it extremely useful to be able to visualize activities better. It allows me to have a more accurate representation of the activity and allows me to develop my own judgments on whether it’s worth doing. 

Lower Your Expectations

Now this doesn’t mean to let your kids be on your worst behavior. This just means to realize that you may need to travel at a slower pace, make frequent stops, or skip things on your itinerary. Your kids may not even react or enjoy the city as much as you thought they would. After all, it may even be best to skip New York City all together depending on your child’s ability to handle certain environments.


Even though this blog post probably wasn’t what you were expecting, I hope it left you with something to consider when traveling to New York City with your child. In my opinion, it is hard and there’s a lot of details to iron out. With proper research and planning, I have no doubt it will be a wonderful experience for your family!

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