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Ultimate Girls’ Weekend in New York City

Ever travel somewhere and you only have one mission? That’s how my recent girls’ weekend in New York City came to be. My sister and I wanted to travel to New York City to see Ariana Madix on Broadway. We are both huge fans of the reality TV series “Vanderpump Rules” and the Broadway musical “Chicago”. When we heard that our favorite Vanderpump girlie, Ariana, was starring as Roxie, we just knew we had to have an Ultimate Girls’ Weekend in New York City. In this blog post, I’ll give you our entire itinerary for our 3-day getaway. 

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If you’re impatient and don’t feel like scrolling through this blog post, I’ve made a New York City Itinerary on one of my favorite travel planning platforms!

Girls’ Weekend in New York City: Day 1

2pm: Arrive + Check into West 57th St, A Hilton Club

5pm: The Friends Experience: The One in New York City 

8:15pm: Dinner at Serendipity 3 

9:30pm: Explore Times Square 

We arrived in New York City around 2pm which ended up working out perfectly. We were able to check into West at 57th by Hilton Club, which I was able to book using my timeshare. Once we got settled, we took off to The Friends Experience. This is mostly a photo-op of activity, meaning they have different sets to make you feel like you’re in the show and it’s meant for taking a bunch of photos. There’s also a small museum portion where you can see different props from the show. The experience took about 2 hours in total, so we were able to walk around before our dinner reservation at Serendipity 3. 

Serendipity 3 is known for their over-the-top desserts and milkshakes (especially the frozen hot chocolate). It’s a cute restaurant and has a “girly” atmosphere. I didn’t get to experience much of the ambiance because we were sitting at a small table right by the hostess station/gift shop area, right next to the kitchen door. Honestly, it was a little annoying because the atmosphere is a part of the experience and I felt very crowded. Besides that, everything else was great! I had the infamous black truffle burger with mozzarella sticks which were delicious! 

After dinner, we were still feeling adventurous, so we took a stroll to New York City’s Times Square. Times Square is relatively easy to get to because the subway station clearly named the stop “Times Square” so as long as you get on the right train, you’ll be fine! I use Apple Maps to tell me what trains to use. We visited in February and apparently the New Years Eve ball is still up that late in the year, so it was really cool to see!  

view of the New York City skyline from a hotel bathtub at sunset.

Girls’ Weekend in New York City: Day 2

9am: Breakfast at Blank Street Cafe 

11am: Statue of Liberty 

5pm: Dinner at La Masseria 

7pm: Chicago on Broadway

This was the big day!! We also packed quite a bit of activities into this day. We headed out early to get some much needed coffee from Blank Street Cafe. There are multiple locations across the city, so there’s bound to be one near your hotel. We then hopped on the 4 train and got off at Bowling green to get near battery park. When we got to Battery Park, we were immediately greeted by tour operators trying to use the long line to scare us into taking their boat tour. It was confusing to know which line to stand in, but we eventually found an employee and they directed us to where we needed to go. 

There 3 main ticket options (I highly recommend buying tickets in advance), Crown, Pedestal, or general admission. We were able to snag pedestal tickets at the last minute which I’m very thankful for. The crown and pedestal tickets have a separate line to get onto the ferry than general admission, which was VERY long. We spent roughly 5 hours exploring the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island which led us to almost missing our dinner reservation. 

Dinner at La Masseria was pretty good! The waiters are actually Italian and some of them have thick Italian accents. I will admit I had a hard time understanding my waiter and accidentally ordered a giant mozzarella cheese ball for my dinner. It was good, but it’s not what I thought I was going to get (there’s not many Italian options back home besides Olive Garden in my defense). Everyone was so kind and it definitely had an upscaled feeling atmosphere. 

Now, the time had come to see Ariana Madix take the stage. This was my first Broadway show, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting there to be alcohol served, but who was I to say no?? I also wanted the Chicago themed souvenir cup they served it in. The show was absolutely amazing and it exceeded all of my expectations. 10/10 recommend you go see Chicago on Broadway! I will say the seats are very small, so be prepared to become best friends with a stranger or try to get an aisle seat. 

A moody photo the Statue of Liberty with a clear blue sky.

Girls Weekend in New York City: Day 3 

10:00 am: Pack and check out of hotel 

11:00 am Get bagels at Liberty Bagel 

11:30 am Explore Central Park

12:00 pm Visit New York City Public Library 

This was a pretty chill day mostly because we were so exhausted from the day we had before. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get much accomplished because we were limited on time. Getting a bagel was at the top of our priority list, because I’m a firm believer that it’s illegal to visit New York City and not get a bagel. We went to Liberty Bagel and I got the famous rainbow bagel. It was delicious and it was so hard to choose what to get because they have so many options of bagel and cream cheese flavors. We then walked down the street to Central Park to sit on a bench and enjoy our bagels. 

After walking around Central Park and getting our last minute photos, we still had some time to kill before heading to the airport. We opted to visit the New York City Public Library. I really wanted to see the original Winne the Pooh & Friends, but they also have a bunch of other cool things to see such as Charles Dickens’ desk and one of the manuscripts for the Declaration of Independence. I cannot believe that it’s free to go see, it’s definitely worth a visit if you enjoy history! 

Picture of a Rainbow Bagel in New York City inside Central Park

Is a Weekend in New York City Enough? 

You’ll be surprised at how much you can fit into a weekend in New York City. I personally don’t enjoy spending a lot of time in New York City because I don’t find it very relaxing. It’s a fast paced and stressful place to be and after day 3, I’m tapped out. No matter how much time you spend in the city, you won’t get to see everything. With that being said, I think New York City is great for a weekend trip because of its accessibility to a large number of activities, but I don’t think a weekend is necessarily enough. 


Our ultimate girls’ weekend in New York City was filled with excitement, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. From exploring iconic landmarks to seeing Ariana Madix on Broadway, we made the most of every moment in New York City. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, New York City offers something for everyone, making it the perfect destination for a memorable girls’ weekend trip.

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